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Calendrier 2018 Surfski France, Espagne, Europe, …

Calendrier de la saison Surfski 2018 en France, Espagne et Europe pour les courses internationnales.

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Interview Cory Hill double champion du Monde sur Elite S

Hello Cory
We are very happy to have your feelings about this new fantastic season you did.
First, can you introduce yourself briefly ?
I am Cory Hill from the Gold Coast in Australia. I work as an accountant Monday through Friday at Gold Coast Bakeries and I love my job. In my spare time I get out in the ocean on my Fenn S and have been lucky enough to find a good mix of work and play.

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L’avis de pratiquants

Bateau traditionnel s’il en est, le kayak de mer est directement issu du kayak des esquimaux. Si aujourd’hui polyester, kevlar et polyéthylène ont remplacé les peaux de phoque ou d’éléphant de mer,

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3ième championnat d’Europe se surfski

Troisième championnats d’Europe de surfski dans un des pays leaders en Europe, l’Espagne, sur les lieux de la célèbre course de l’Eurochallenge.

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Elite S – Austin Kieffer’s impressions – feelings – sensacion

FENN has really made something special 
The FENN Elite S is flying to podium finishes around the world and changing the paddling of surfskiers everywhere. If you are looking for a new boat, look no further than the Elite S. It is most certainly the boat for you!

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